Thursday, February 7, 2013

**Updating for the 1st time in almost a year**

So many things have changed. What a difference an "almost" year makes. Long story short: I got new insurance which allowed me to start seeing new doctors. As I have written in the past, the doctors in my insurance plan didn't seem to be much help. This new OBGYN I found didn't mess around. From the 1st appointment, he was able to determine that the reason I keep having miscarriages is because I have 2 blood clotting disorders (MTHFR-both & PAI-1 4G/4G). I just don't understand why it was SO HARD for the other doctors to run these tests. I will have to give myself shots everyday with a blood thinner to hold a pregnancy because of the disorders. I KNEW it had something to do with my blood, I can't remember if I wrote it in this blog or not, but I knew it! So, because of his findings, I have been given a whole new hope. A whole new willingness to to give it another shot. I am taking it day by day & not really stressing. Each month, he would try tweaking medications, when to do labs, etc. (trying to find the right combination). Some months were good & some not so good. At least we are heading in the right direction. Last cycle, he did an u/s of my ovaries to make sure I was not being overstimulated (this has never been done by any of my previous drs.). Though we were a day late, he was still able to determine that I had ovulated & everything appeared normal. This cycle I was on 100mgs of clomid for 8 days (starting on cd5). I just got a positive OPK & tomorrow we are doing our 1st IUI with this new dr. So, until the next update.....

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  1. YAY!!! This is so exciting! Welcome back and I look forward to hearing some wonderful news soon!