Monday, October 17, 2011

So repetitive......but kinda not this time

When you have been TTC as long as we have, it is all very repetitive.  AF arrives, wait to O, lots of baby dancing, then you O, then you are in the 2ww again, repeat, then repeat, then repeat.....I think you get it.  Well, this time is a little different.  We decided to do the IUI this cycle.  So, even though the process is still the same, getting the IUI takes the anticipation of the 2ww to a whole new (much higher) level.  Most especially because our 1st IUI attempt was successful, I just wasn't able to sustain the pregnancy.

We did the IUI on Wednesday, October 12th. According to my chart, I O'd the same day as my positive OPK (very weird).  Usually, you O the day after a positive OPK.  Not to mention, I O'd on cd14 this cycle.  I usually O on cd 15-17.  So, this was early for me.

It's so hard not to try to read into every little thing during the 2ww, but when you have an IUI, you have higher expectations so it's hard to not be anxious all the time.

You know me, (POAS addict) an early tester.  So, the POAS marathon will begin on Friday but I don't actually expect to get a BFP confirmed until Sunday.


  1. The not knowing drives me crazy, but I know what you are going through, why not me, I'm a good person, why not me. As always my prayers are with you. Lots of hugs an kisses.