Saturday, November 19, 2011

So far....

I apologize for not being very good at updating.  We have been very busy.

As for the last cycle, the IUI failed.  I started a new cycle the end of Oct.  We were going to continue with the IUI this cycle, however scheduling conflicts didn't allow for this to happen.  I am bummed about it but I think we did good on our BDing days.  So, we still have a good shot.  I am currently in the 2ww at 6dpo, only 3 more days until the POAS marathon begins.  Wouldn't it be something to have a little announcement at Thanksgiving.  Though, I can't say everyone will be excited.  When you have been through the ringer like I have, a positive pregnancy test isn't as exciting as it is for most people.  I mean, yes, I'll be excited, but I'll be more scared & anxious than excited. 

I wish I could say I would be happy & over the moon excited when I get a positive pregnancy test, like I did when I was pregnant with the girls & then with the 1st miscarriage.  But I know in my heart it will never be like that again. Now it's, "Oh God, please don't take this one away too".  :(   *SIGH* 

In the meantime, I have been in & out of depression all year & the past month or so is the best I've felt in such a long time.  So, my spirits are up & I'm aiming high!


  1. Goodluck this cycle jody

  2. Wishing the best for you Jodi!!'

  3. Hi Jody, I definitely know what you mean about not getting excited and being worried... :( Here's hoping that your miracle will finally be in your arms.. and soon!

    BTW, wanted to offer an invitation to chat with us in the TTCAL boards on TMP :) Girls there are awesome and supportive, too!!

    (koa from TMP)