Thursday, August 4, 2011

My appt with the new dr was yesterday, here's an update

Saw the hematologist yesterday. He said he didn't see anything that would point to my RPL from all the tests I did so far.  He said there is 1 test he would do that I haven't done yet & after thinking (he said he was actually debating in his head) about it, he said he could do 3 more.  Most likely, they will be normal because other tests I've done would probably be abnormal to indicate that these tests need to be done (& that's why he was debating, there would likely already be an indication that something was abnormal from other tests).  But he understood my feelings to need to rule out anything with my blood causing the losses & agreed to have me do the labs.

Then, this morning, his office called to set up my follow up appt & said that after thinking about it more, he is requesting even more tests be done!  So, they are sending the orders for the labs now.

Even, if they all come back normal, I'm so glad that I pushed to see him.  I want to feel like I've done everything I could possibly do to rule out any causes that can be corrected before I give up & start a new path.

I also got approval to see another high risk dr.  This is the dr I originally wanted to see & had a referral for but the OBGYN who discovered my ectopic decided she wanted me to see her "friend" instead of the dr I wanted.  She said if I didn't like her "friend" for whatever reason, she would refer the dr I wanted.   I asked her for the referral again in case my appt didn't go well with the hematologist & also for the fact that I can get a second opinion from a high risk dr.  So, now that I have the referral, I'm waiting for my blood results to come back before I decide if I want move forward with him.

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