Monday, July 18, 2011

New doctor, new light of hope in this tunnel

I saw a new primary care physician today.  The one I was seeing, I asked if I could get a referral to a hematologist & she emailed me back to ask what kind of doctor that is because she's never heard of it (Couldn't you have at least Googled it to find out instead of telling me you're an idiot by asking me what they do???)  I pretty much just threw in the towel at that point.  Well, I did for a while anyway.  After mentioning this email conversation to the gals on the LTTTC board, they threw a fit that I settled for that crap.  I thought, you know what?  You're right!  I need to do better for us!  So, I made the appt. to see the new dr.

She was AWESOME!  She said that she was very interested in my case of RPL, she had suffered her own losses & had a few patients who suffered as well.  Her goal is to find out why this is happening & make it stop NOW!  She said most definitely, I need to see a hematologist & she just shook her head about all the doctor issues I've had & how they won't send me to see a hema(& I didn't even tell her 1/2 of my dr stories only a few lol)!  In her mind, no doctor should just let it keep happening, there has to be a reason for it & the right tests need to be done to find out the reason.  She not only gave me the referral to a hema, she actually had her staff make an appt for me(well, they will call the hema tomorrow when that office is open again, it was closed by the time my appt was over) & she referred me to one that is in my city (one who will work side by side with my OBGYN to help prevent another loss through my next pregnancy).  Whoa!  A dr who is actually listening to me & not only that but taking steps to get ahead of me??  Shooting myself in the foot for not switching to her sooner now.

I actually feel like I have hope again & not like I'm just running into another brick wall!

Oh yeah.....& Wed. starts the POAS marathon because I'm in the 2ww!  

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