Sunday, June 26, 2011

Well, I had it for a moment

That's what it feels like.  *sigh*

On the 21st(13dpo), one of the really sensitive IC's tested positive.  I've had bad luck with these tests & I was really just trying to use them up to get rid of them.  The regular IC was negative.  So, I didn't get much hope into it.  Well, on Thurs. the 23rd(15dpo-normally this would be the day after AF is due but since I'm on progesterone, it delays AF from arriving), one of my regular IC's turned up positive with my FMU.  So, I tested again later in the day but my urine wasn't as concentrated, so the tests I took with that sample were very faint & I could barely tell if they were positive or not, but they were. 

Friday, I tested again with FMU & all the tests were negative.  I called the dr & they got me in later in the day.  They had me POAS there & it was negative.  So, then I did a blood test.  The blood test was negative as well.  My hcg level was 2.  I believe it has to be over 5 to be positive.

So, I don't know.  I wonder if I was pregnant for a second & maybe had a chemical pregnancy since I had more than one test come up positive.  Or did I just have some fluke tests?  I guess I can't say.

I stopped taking my progesterone upon hearing that the blood test was negative (Friday night).  So, I expect AF to arrive today, it's usually here by now, but it's not.  Which makes me wonder even more if it's delayed because maybe it really was a chemical & now my body has to expel it.  I know I felt all kinds of cramping from the day of the 1st positive pregnancy test until Friday which could either be from pregnancy or from AF gearing up.

Here is the test from the 21st, the really sensitive test (10miu)

 This is a pic of an OPK on top (for line comparison) & the IC (20miu) test on bottom

Same here but closer view

Just a note: The lines are darker in person & they actually got darker as the day went on, so they are pretty light here.

So, we press on & try again.


  1. I am so sorry that you are going through this. Those tests certainly look positive to me. Squinters- but positive! Did you ever use a FRER or Answer?

  2. FRER's never show anything for me until days after a digi has confirmed a pregnancy. I did use my usual EPT digi that has picked up early for me before, but it said not pregnant & it wasn't FMU either that I used for the test. I really wish I had used my FMU sample with the digi, I wonder what it would have said. I started drinking a lot of water after I got the 2nd BFP, so the sample was really diluted to top it all off. I should've known to not bother with the digi at that point.