Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Follow up appt. with the hematologist

I had my follow up appt. with the hematologist yesterday.  All of the blood work came back normal.  So, I am still left without any answers as to why my body keeps rejecting pregnancies.  That's what makes this so frustrating.  Not that people who have a grim diagnosis have it better, but I'd rather have a reason than just be told it's a string of bad luck.  At least if I had a reason, I would have more direction on what I need to do, different medications, surrogacy, or adoption, etc.  I just feel like I need to find a reason.  I cannot just accept that this is bad luck.  Yes, I do think we will have more children, I see it.  I just don't know how it will come to that.

So, I am 11dpo today.  All of my tests have been BFN's.  I didn't feel that this would be "the" cycle.  But I really think that my body is almost regulated enough to get pregnant again.  So, if not this month, I think next month will be it for us.  AF isn't here, it's not over until she shows.  I've had late BFP's in the past. 

Here is a funny link my friend, Kelly posted on our board.  This is exactly how it works every month, the author hit the nail on the head : http://blog.attainfertility.com/2011/08/pregnancy-test-obsession/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=attain

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