Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Here are today's tests.  The top test is from this morning, clearly positive (though not as dark as I have seen them get for me).  The middle test is this evening's IC test (negative) & the bottom is the test that was ejected from the Clearblue Easy OPK (as you can see I got a big O on that test, not a smiley face- so that is negative).  What a difference 24 hours make on these tests.

Today would have been the day I get an IUI done.  But we decided against doing IUI.  We are able to get pregnant without it.(If I'm on clomid, my body takes about 3-6 months to regulate, if not on clomid about a year).  The IUI is just an extra step that not only causes more stress but my anxiety that cycle was sky high. #2) We fear that the IUI may have had something to do with me having the heterotopic pregnancy in Feb. and we don't want to go through any part of that again.

So now, we wait for me to O.  My temps will indicate that with a rise.  I expect that to happen in the next 2 days.

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