Tuesday, June 7, 2011

6-7-11 got my smiley face

Here are 2 photos of today's tests  Pic #1-The top test is from this morning (it actually got darker as the day went on, it was a lot lighter this morning), the middle test is from just now & the bottom test is the Clearblue easy just now.  You might see this better in pic #2 but the bottom 2 test lines are very slightly lighter than the control, meaning the tests are still negative (clearly, the top test is negative).  Yet, the Clearblue still gave me a smiley face to indicate that my surge is present (now, the Clearblue Easy OPK is supposed to give you the "best days" possible to conceive- so even though the tests are negative, it's VERY close to being positive, meaning you better go do some BD'ing tonight).  I expect my test to be blaring tomorrow.  I'll post comparison pics tomorrow so you can see the difference.  So, again, you can see, the IC's are pretty much the same as the expensive Clearblue Easy test & the only difference is you get a smiley face with the more expensive test.

See how big of a difference the tests are from morning to this evening?  That is why I suggest testing twice a day.  I took clomid for this cycle, so I expect my test to be blaring tomorrow.  But had I not taken clomid this cycle, the test might have gone either way.  It could be blaring or it could be negative & look like today's morning test.  If it were negative tomorrow & I had not tested tonight, I would have judged by this mornings test & tomorrow mornings test & thought that maybe I didn't ovulate.  This happens to some women, their surge is just short & if they don't test in the evening, they might miss that positive OPK.

Now, if you are doing an IUI, you would call the drs office tomorrow morning to schedule it.