Monday, June 6, 2011


So, AF showed.  I expected it because it was a non-medicated cycle.

I am currently waiting to O (today is cd12 out of a 32 day cycle).  Sometime this week, so we are getting close to the exciting stage of my cycle.

For anyone just beginning temping & charting your info on FF.  I'm going to start including some pictures to help you out.

Here are today's tests (again cd12-I'm waiting to O):

The top circle is the Clearblue digital OPK- there is no smiley face, so it is negative.  The middle test is actually the Clearblue test strip ejected from the test device.  I am only posting pictures of it so you can compare the (expensive) Clearblue to the IC test, which is the bottom test.  The IC is negative as well (got it from  Not even close to having my surge.  As you can see both the Clearblue & the IC have pretty much the same darkness in lines.  So, if you are wondering if the Clearblue would be better than an IC, you can see you get the same results, just the IC doesn't give you a smiley face.  That's the only difference.  I only have a Clearblue because I didn't know any better & bought one a long time ago.  So, if you are willing to spend a lot of extra $$ just so you can see a smiley face, then go with the Clearblue, otherwise, the IC will do just fine.  I will used the Clearblue so I can show you the comparison of the two (& so I can use them up).

I am training to run a 5K (July 9th) & doing the 30 day shred to try & get healthy before I get pregnant again.  Usually when I make plans like that, I get pregnant.  So, FX that is the case & that it will be a sticky lil bean.

I also changed somethings on my blog: the abbreviations page is deleted.  Don't worry, I re-posted it on the sidebar (left side) so they are always up for you to reference if needed.  I am learning some new tricks with blogging as I go along by reading other blogs.  So, I got the idea from a friend's blog.

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