Friday, April 12, 2013

Disappointment today but progess is made

For this cycle, I took clomid for 8 days & then I was to get blood drawn for lab work 6 days in a row. The dr. wanted to try to nail my estrogen level for optimal IUI timing. So, I started my 6 day "poke" marathon on Tues. I got a positive OPK Wed. night. So, I called the drs. office 1st thing yesterday morning & they scheduled me in for an IUI today.

I guess we never listened to our phone messages yesterday, as when I got to the drs. office, my nurse asked if I got her message. My estrogen levels were really high on Wed. but were much lower on Thurs. The dr was thinking we might miss my ovulation, so I had to get an u/s done to check my follicles. He wanted to see if there were any that were still big or if the egg had already released. He found that I no longer had any decent sized follicles (some people call them follies- whatever you call it, it's an egg that is "ripening" so it can release). He also found some fluid behind my uterus which indicates that I had already ovulated. He said that while we could do the IUI today to increase our chances, it didn't look promising. So, he let me decide if I wanted to try it anyways or not since we are paying out of pocket for anything having to do with the IUI/infertility. I decided that I didn't want to try it.

So, while I am disappointed that we are not doing the IUI this cycle, it is still promising as this cycle helped the dr pinpoint my ovulation. I told him that I test 3 times a day on an OPK when I get closer to peak time. He was unaware of this, as you really are only supposed to test once a day but the same time. When I got the initial positive OPK, it was the same day that my estrogen level was the highest. So, this can help us plan better for next time.

He also talked about 2 different options for the next cycle (should we not be pregnant with this current one) but was not sure what we would do next cycle just yet.

1) Do exploratory laparoscopy to see if there is a scarring issue that is preventing me from conceiving. Remember, I've had 2 c-sections & an ectopic removal, scarring could be a possibility.
2)I will do the estrogen testing daily again starting on a certain day of my cycle. We will also do u/s's, possibly daily u/s's so he can watch my follies & better determine what day would be the best day to perform an IUI.

I am so glad that I found a doctor who is making progress with me & not just letting whatever to happen.

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  1. I'm glad to hear progress was made. Great job grabbing the silver lining! Still sending positive vibes your way!