Monday, March 25, 2013

Drs. appt. & update

I had my drs. appt Friday. We have done 7 rounds of clomid, 2 of those with IUI. He said that he would like to do more monitoring starting this cycle. 1) My estrogen levels have been pretty low, but he said that those levels move like a roller coaster. So, getting a blood draw at 10am can be a very different number from a draw at 2pm. So, he is not worried that my levels are low as we might just be missing the peak. However, he does want to monitor this more by doing a draw every day from a certain day of my cycle until I ovulate (day to be determined when he decides on when I will start clomid). So, there is a possibility that we will be changing around my clomid dose &/or # of days taking it. Also, possibly doing the HCG shots. These shots will force me to ovulate so that he can make sure we are doing the IUI on the correct day. 2) I asked about my lining possibly being thin from being on clomid for so many years & that maybe causing implantation problems. He said that when he did the u/s last cycle, he checked my lining & it was within normal range. Also, that each month your lining sheds & you get a new lining so he doesn't see this being an issue. 3) More u/s's. He wants to monitor my ovaries to make sure they are not being over stimulated & also make sure that the ovaries are able to connect to my tubes. He said that it's possible I could be ovulating but the egg isn't even making it to the tube. 4) If all is normal & we are still not pregnant, he wants to do exploratory laparoscopy to see if there is scarring that is preventing pregnancy. 5) Today is CD1 So, that means the 2nd IUI was not successful. We did have some excitement last week. I could see faint lines on pregnancy tests. They turned out to be evaporation lines (lines that you can see but are grey in color- when they are faint like that, it's hard to tell if they really are grey or have color to it). I started a new batch of tests & all of the tests did this. So, we got all excited for nothing. I will have to keep that in mind while using this batch of tests.

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  1. Evaps are evil. Sounds like your doc is ready to get down to some serious business! Best of luck!!