Saturday, December 31, 2011

New year means new hopes & new things to try

Well, we are still TTC. So, that tells you that we have not conceived yet.

I found out that the B-Fruitful is not compatible with Clomid. They basically cancel each other out because the B-Fruitful has vitex in it, which is a no no when taking clomid.

So, I did one or 2 cycles with both this year, meaning those cycles were a bust.

I am going to go the herbal route this cycle. #1) the B-fruitful helps prepare your body to become pregnant #2) B-Fruitful helps make you fertile. #3) The carry-on (should I become pregnant) will help to prevent pregnancy loss. #4) I've been on clomid for a very long time, I just want to give my body a break from it.

All clomid does is make me more fertile. Really, I don't even need clomid. I do ovulate on my own. I begged the dr. to put me on clomid to move things along since I was was pushing to be 35. She agreed it would increase my chances to become pregnant sooner. Well, even on clomid, it's still taking forever now.

So, I think it would be best to try something different & do it correctly this time.

The baby psychic, Cheri22, said that I had a Sept. connection. This cycle would give me a Sept. baby. I would actually be due about Oct. 4th. But since I would have a c-section, I would certainly have the baby in Sept.

Another thing that has my hopes up high is the fact that my nephew, who has no idea we are trying to have a baby, went up to his mom & told her that Uncle Bryan, Aunt Jody, Leslie, & Valerie are going to have a baby. Children sure have a sense for this kind of thing. I know Leslie once talked about the baby in my tummy, we JUST found out we were pregnant at the time but we had not told the girls yet. But she knew!

Bryan just found a picture of us when I was pregnant with Valerie. Now, we really got an itch. He's ready to adopt, I want to go a different route first & try having a surrogate. My sister offered to do it a while ago. I'm not sure if she would still do it, especially this point in time of her life. She has just finished nursing school. She still has to take her nclex but she is currently looking for a job. So, I guess we will have to see how that pans out or if I should look at other options, or settle with adoption. So much to think about...but seems like not enough time to think about it & get it done. I guess time will tell.

Here's to a new year, with new hopes & dreams!

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