Monday, May 9, 2011

Officially in the 2ww!

This is going to drag on to all those who know the TTC lingo.  Sorry, I want to be as detailed as possible so everyone can learn from it.

I am officially in the 2ww (2 week wait- this is the 2 weeks that you wait after you ovulate to find out if you are pregnant or not- usually it seems like THE.LONGEST.2.WEEKS.of your life lol).  So, that means I ovulated (O'd in TTC terms) yesterday.

I know this because I temp. & today my temp spiked up (not to mention I wake up several times a night feeling like I'm sleeping in an oven, if I didn't temp, that alone would tell me).  After you O, your body temp rises (indicating ovulation has occurred) because basically what's happened is your body released an egg.  You know how a mother bird sits on her eggs to keep them warm so they will hatch?  Well, that's what your body is doing internally.  You body heat rises & keeps the egg at a temperature that makes it comfortable to implant should it be fertilized (this is all a Jodyism, I didn't get it out of a text book-like you couldn't tell lol). Your temp remains high if implantation occurs.  If there is no implantation, your temp will begin to drop at the end of your cycle & it will nosedive the day AF (Aunt Flow) arrives.  And then you start all over.  If you look at my chart on FF(fertility friend)- the chart link is at the bottom of my blog page, you can see how the temps bob up & down & then there is a jump in temp & then it bobs up & down around that temp or higher.

So, today I am 1dpo (1 day past ovulation), tomorrow I will be 2dpo & so on.  I usually start testing, aka POAS (pee on a stick- aka taking pregnancy tests) at 8dpo.  This is VERY early to be testing. VERY EARLY!!!  But I can't help it, if you know me, you know that I am THE MOST IMPATIENT person in the world.  If I am going to find out that I have a BFP (big fat positive-aka positive pregnancy test), I want to find out as early as I possibly can!  And to be honest with you, if I do see a line at 8dpo, 9dpo, & sometimes at 10dpo, I usually am squinting & having a difficult time figuring out if that is a line or not.  I see a line but does it have color to it or is it an evap (evaporation line some pregnancy tests have where the test line dries, if it is indeed an evap, it will not have any color to it)?  At this point the line is SUPER faint if it is a BFP.  Only an IC (internet cheapie- super cheap pregnancy tests you buy online- usually around $0.90 per test give or take a few cents-they are VERY sensitive tests & will pick up HCG (the stuff in your body that makes the 2nd pink line show on a pregnancy test) at very low levels (the lowest level I got a positive IC test was 7.77 & it has to be above 4 or 5 for a drs office to consider you pregnant, so that was very low).  I think I covered all I need to.

Anyways, this time of my cycle is very exciting for me, it really has it's ups & downs as you wait & wonder if in 2 weeks I will know if I'm pregnant or not.  Then comes along a whole other set of worries.  But I don't think about that now, I just focus on getting to the day my POAS obsession starts!  EEEEK!  I'm like a giddy school girl right now.


  1. I can't wait for the POAS fest to begin for you. Mine is drawing to a close so I will be able to have both of my pom-poms waving about for you!

  2. I wish there was something I could do to help, but know I'm thinking of you everyday you are in my prayers. Love you Mom