Monday, May 2, 2011

Did my HSG today

This is the procedure where they inject x-ray dye into your uterus & take x-rays to see if the tubes are clear.  Ok- it was a bit different this time.  They didn't clamp my cervix like last time (which was the worst part of the whole procedure the last time).  The cramping was about the same as my menstrual cramps this time (last time I barely felt it).  So, I think it pretty much evened out.  It wasn't a bad experience, just a little uncomfortable.  I knew what was coming so I wasn't too nervous.  I just wondered if it would be the same experience or not.

On to what we found out:

She said there was spillage on both sides(meaning the x-ray dye spilled out of both tubes).  She said she the initial look at it says all is ok.  But she will take a closer look & give her results to my OB in 3-5 days.  So, there is a possibility that there could be scar tissue that could create an issue for the egg to clear the tube but it wouldn't be a complete blockage(but if there is just the slightest blockage, it could mean a possible future ectopic).  So, we wait for the "official" results.  But to be honest with you, I'm very happy with the fact that the dye made it through both tubes.  The girl who stayed with me from beginning to end was super nice.  She did all she could to make me the most comfortable.  The dr. was very nice & explained everything how she does the procedure.  So, it was a good experience overall, with just a little discomfort.

Now, I am extra fertile for the next several months.

Here is a link for info on the HSG:


  1. I hope that the HSG cleared the way for you!

  2. You have struggled for so long. Every month must be filled with ups and downs for you. I hope the HSG helps and makes this month the start of a healthy pregnancy for you.
    Stay strong, Jody!!