Monday, June 17, 2013

New cycle...New hope

My new cycle started at the end of May. The dr. put me on the same 100mg dose of clomid cd5-9. I had to have blood drawn daily from July 7th-12th for my estrogen levels. We also did u/s's on the 7th, 10th, & 11th to look at my follicles. I was definitely going to ovulate on my right side. The biggest follicle was 6mm on the 7th. It grew to 20mm on the 11th (17mm or larger is considered a viable follicle to produce a healthy egg). I got to see my follicles & my uterus (which he said was nice & thick, good for implantation). On the 11th he said that he was sure I would get a positive OPK the next day. Well, it was positive later that night. So, on the 12th, I called in to see when we should do the IUI. He decided we do it that day because my estrogen levels peaked the day before & started to drop already. So, that day was actually the best possible day for the IUI.

By doing the daily blood draws as well as the u/s's, we have learned that when I get a positive OPK.....It's time! Usually, when I got the positive OPK at night, I would call the next morning & the IUI was scheduled the day after that (apparently, this is how it normally works for women, but not for me, mine happens sooner). Meaning, we likely have missed the prime day for doing the IUI the previous times. Seems like a waste of money right? The 2 times that we did the IUI, which failed, actually led us to new findings. So, yes, while we took the chance & they may have been bad timing, the new stuff we found out is taking us that much closer to having a little one.

Today, I am extremely tired & have some small cramping. Could just be a coincidence, but you know me......I'm holding out hope that it means we are pregnant. I take a blood test on Wed to find out. If we are pregnant, something I get to do that most women don't is to say that I saw the follicle for the baby before it actually became a baby. That would be neat.

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